pátek 11. dubna 2014


BUILD YOUR ENERGY 4 FREE  <<<<<< Quantum Energy Generator >>>>>>> I think that this generator will function by identifying and amplifying resonances in and around electromagnetic fields and coils. In 1992, Dr. Myron W. Evans inferred the B(3) field of electromagnetic charge, and any nominations for a Nobel were soon quashed by trolling and abusive higher halls who began a campaign of ridicule and invented defamation. Since then, Dr Evans has been denied salary despite the entitlement to full tenure he won as the youngest Doctor in Scientia of modern times at 26 years old – he is now 63. Heisenberg was the youngest professor in Germany at that earlier age. The B(3) Field is now “tapped” to enhance the performance and efficiency of polyphase electric motors by astounding percentages according to installation conditions. Dr. Evans is now the Director of the AIAS – the Alpha Institute for Advanced Study [aias.us] who, alongside other dedicated members and Fellows, has shredded the “standard model” of Physics and replaced it with the correct and computer checked mathematics of the real world [as opposed to the controlled "fantasy world" of no progress or results] that can ACTUALLY WORK where the “mainstream” has declared it “utterly impossible”.
Nikola Tesla was on to the cheap conversion of “natural charge” from the space around us in the very late 1800′s and those who have interest, will know what happened to him! [He brought Hydro-electric AC Mains Power; AC Motors, Radio [yes! RADIO] a host of 21st century technology and countless patents [700] on humanitarian driven inventions and discoveries. He gave away about $10m patent value to ensure his then partner, George Westinghouse, could maintain a badly managed business [GW was a "bon viveur"..] Tesla wasn’t concerned with money but the removal of unnecessary drudge and slavery induced by servicing the resource thieves – wealthy tyrants! The 2014 final of University Challenge [BBC TV Quiz Show] showed a great winning team in Trinity College Cambridge – all most excellent scholars. Yet when shown the face of Nikola Tesla, they had no idea who it was! Physics and Maths were two courses of the team. Such is the long standing power of controlling profiteers. I wish you the best of worldwide success in this venture and on behalf of the People and New Science, I thank you for your staunch efforts. And particularly as an AIAS Fellow myself who has experienced the dogmatic refusal to open the mind and check for the self – like the “bishops” of Galileo’s time, who when asked to do so, would NOT look through the telescope to see for themselves!! Instead there has been pure abuse and defamation from the quakers -not Quakers but quakers who quake because they know, as history knows and shows, it has always been the “cranks” or those who challenge a dyed-in-the-wool authority that have made scientific and human progress against a corrupted, lazy and dogmatic, mainstream mindset. Most thanks therefore are due to the few who put themselves on the line for what is right. Best wishes. VIA Robert Cheshire...Thank You Robert...

Quantum Energy Generator


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